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Since 2003 thousands of Videographers and Photographers have saved hundreds of dollars by comparing quotes from a dozen A rated Insurance Companies.

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All freelance photographers and wedding videographers face different types of risks.

We offer property and liability insurance policies for videography and photography businesses like yours that include broad and relevant protection with a wide range of coverages, limits and deductible options.

With our photographers and videographers professional liability, general liability and equipment insurance, you will have tailored coverage designed for your videography or photography business.

You focus on creating, shooting and delivering the best product for your clients and we focus on protecting your personal assets, safeguarding your reputation and preserving your relationship with your customers.

Freelance Videographers and Photographers

Freelance gigs can be anywhere on public or private property. You bump into an expensive vase at a coporate function.

Wedding Videographers and Photographers

Shooting weddings takes careful planning. The bride is unhappy with the results. You receive a letter from her attorney demanding payment.

Videographer and Photographer Equipment

Your kit is the lifeblood of your business. You leave your camera on a table for five minutes and it’s gone.

Compare Quotes Instantly

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