Videographer & Photographer Professional Liability Policy


Videographers and photographers can find themselves in disputes with their clients and others claiming damages allegedly caused by their failure to meet their expectations or the legal standard of care.

Even when these claims have little or no merit, professional videographers and photographers must pay for a defense against such allegations, and may even find that a settlement is preferable to the uncertainty and expense of drawn out litigation.

Protect your business personal assets from legal action and rest assured you are protected.

A person calls themselves a video professional because they have mastered the skill of capturing moving images on electronic media. Another person hires this professional for this very specific reason and therefore assumes the videography professional will demonstrate the skill to deliver a finished product of the highest quality.

Sometimes due to certain circumstances the professional videographer is unable to deliver the service or product of the highest quality and the person who hires them is unsatisfied and demands compensation for this shortcoming.

This is where Professional Liability Insurance for the Video Professional comes in.

Veteran videographers and photographers know that pleasing a client is the most important aspect of their job. When a client is not pleased, most professionals will do a re-shoot or further editing at their own expense. This is a form of self-insurance in that the video professional is not submitting a claim to their insurance company but rather covering the cost of the re-shoot or additional time spent editing out of their own pocket.

This approach will work in some cases however in others a simple re-shoot or additional editing will not suffice or isn’t possible and the client demands more compensation for damages. At this point the video professional with a Professional Liability policy in place will contact their insurance company and submit a claim.

Even if the video professional feels the client has no grounds for further compensation they are able to hand off the issue to their insurance partner and refocus on growing their videography business. The peace of mind that comes with being able to make this transition is enormous compared to the minimal expense of a Professional Liability policy.

Professional Liability Policy Claim Scenarios

You arrive early for your client’s wedding and get your gear all set up in front of the church. Minutes before the guests arrive, you realize you have forgotten both batteries for your camera on the charger at home. You have no choice but to race home and retrieve the batteries. In doing so you miss the arrival of the guests and some of the ceremony.

So you deliver what footage or images you have and offer a partial refund for your error. The bride is very upset and demands a full refund. Reluctantly you comply and send her a check for a full refund.

Weeks pass and one day you receive a letter from a local law firm. You are being sued for damages by the bride and groom.

This is when that small monthly investment in a Professional Liability policy provides instant relief. Simply call your insurance company and forward the lawyer’s letter. Guilty or not, it’s now out of your hands. The relief you feel is enormous.

The bride and groom loved the wedding video you produced. So much that they posted to social media for their friend’s and family to see. Unfortunately, the artist who who created the music soundtrack you used in the video saw the video as well. Now their lawyers have contacted you and are demanding payment for damages for use of their client’s copyrighted work.

If you have purchased a Professional Liability policy now is when you can simply contact your insurance company and report the claim. All future correspondence from their lawyer is sent directly to your claims adjuster. You can get back to focusing on your business and let your insurance company take care of the situation.

Videographer & Photographer Professional Liability Policy

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